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The Arthur Murray Method

The Unit System

Developed over 108 years, the Arthur Murray method has helped countless people learn to dance.  Our fool-proof method is proven and second to none. Even if you have two left feet or no rhythm, we can truly teach anyone to dance. Try our three-step method of private lessons, group classes, and practice parties, and you’ll be on the dance floor in no time!

Arthur Murray Teacher teaching senior Couple to dance

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction is essential for learning quickly and easily

On private lessons, your Arthur Murray instructors can easily personalize what you are taught, how you are taught, and the pace at which they teach you. If you want to work up a sweat or just relax and take it easy, those are very different types of lessons. Maybe you want to stand out on the floor or just blend in with the crowd, we’ll show you very different styling and steps. If you’d like to improve your social skills or just enjoy spending time with your partner, we’ll give you an entirely different experience. 

On a private lesson, we adapt our teaching style based on the type of learner you are and the pace you would like to learn. We ensure that every lesson is the best, most efficient, and enjoyable experience.

Group Classes

Group classes are perfect for gaining muscle memory and repetition

Group classes are a perfect addition to your learning that allow you to practice the material learned on your private lessons with a variety of partners. This ensures great dancing habits, good lead and follow skills, and the chance to meet other students in the studio. 

At Arthur Murray, we host a variety of group classes for all different levels. This means that any class you attend will always be with students of the same level. While there are always plenty of people to dance with, you are by no means required to change partners.

To get more info about our available group classes, inquire at our Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills locations.

Arthur Murray group class
Arthur Murray Social Dance Practice Party

Practice Parties

Your chance for practical application, before hitting the dance floor

Practice parties are a great opportunity to practice all that you’ve learned from your private lessons and group classes. It’s a chance to get comfortable dancing with others on the floor, dancing to a variety of music, with a variety of partners. It also makes for a great date night! The best part is, your instructors are there the entire time to help work out any kinks. Your first time trying out your new dancing skills should be a great one.

Inquire at our Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills locations to see when the next practice party is scheduled.

The Arthur Murray Method

The Unit System

Solo Dancer


Personal dance lessons are vital to learning quickly and easily. During your 1-on-1 sessions, you'll receive personalized instruction.

Two Dancers


Our Group Classes allow you to dance with other teachers and students which can improve and speed up the learning process.

Disco Ball


Our practice parties prepare you for any dance experience. Work out the kinks, dance to different songs, and get comfortable dancing with others on the floor.

Interested in learning more about how we teach?  Check out our page on the Arthur Murray Method for more info.

Why take dance lessons?

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Get the exercise you've always wanted without going to the gym. Dancing not only burns calories in a fun, exciting way, but is healthy for your brain too. It's even recommended by doctors as it helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Connect with a Community

Meet people, make new friends, and learn to dance along the way.  Our community brings people together in a warm and welcoming environment.  Whether you're new to town or ready to make new connections, it's always a party at Arthur Murray.

Rekindle the Romance

They say that couples that dance together stay together. Whether you're looking for a new hobby or a fun date night, dancing together can take everyday moments and turn them into special memories.  Get to know each other in a whole new way and learn a skill you'll enjoy for years to come.

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