Ballroom Dance Lessons Culver City

Ballroom Dance Lessons Culver City, CA

Looking for ballroom dance lessons near Culver City, CA? Look no further!  Located not far from Culver City Park and the Wende Museum, we teach dance lessons for the greater Culver City area.

If you'd like to stand out on the dance floor of if you just need a crash course, we'll personalize a program just for you.  Whether you're looking for a Waltz, Swing, or Foxtrot, or maybe a Salsa, Tango or Country Two-Step; with over 30 styles of dance to choose from we've got you covered. No matter the occasion.

At Arthur Murray, we've been teaching singles and couples to dance for over 108 years. Our fool-proof method is designed to get you on the dance floor fast.  Get started with ballroom dance lessons near Culver City at Arthur Murray Beverly Hills today and see what dancing can do for you!

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262 N Beverly Dr

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"The hardest step you'll ever learn is the first one through our door."

- Kathryn Murray


262 N Beverly Dr

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


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